and grab a bite…

and watch the action…

…and park your car.
(Where you can see it.)

1001 N. Poinsettia Place. West Hollywood, 90046

Created as a sound stage in 1963, STAGE 1001 has a place in Hollywood history.

Many creatives remember the space under different names: Sandler Films, Coast Productions, The Paladin Stage,
Quixote Studios Stage 4, and Smashbox Stage 4.

Now named STAGE 1001, the complex continues it’s long history of service to productions of all types
and is also available as a venue for professional events.

For over 50 years the white cyc of this private and secure space has served as a backdrop for celebrities of all types.
Athletes, including (among others), Namath, Kareem, Magic, Gretsky, Serena Williams, and LeBron James.
Actors and Actresses such as Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford, John Travolta, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman,
and of course Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner.
Musicians, Super Models, Politicians, and artists of all types have been
photographed and interviewed on Stage 1001.

Thousands of Products including cars, computers, BIG movies, and little infomercials have all been commercialized here.

Helmut Newton shot at Stage 1001.
So has Annie Leibovitz.

STAGE 1001
and its parking spaces,
makeup and wardrobe rooms,
on-stage kitchen/dining area,
and upstairs lounge/production suite,
rent to only one client at a time.

When you book the stage you get the whole package.
Dedicated to your production,
and configured as you specify.
Nightly janitorial service is included in the stage rental.

Please call us at 323-876-1001 for quotes and scheduling.

Location Location Location


At the corner of Romaine St. and Poinsettia Pl. in West Hollywood.
(Enter from Romaine Street)

STAGE 1001
1001 N. Poinsettia Pl.
West Hollywood, CA. 90046

Multiple flex-spaces. Configure to suit.

This space can be configured as productions space…or (as pictured here) as a make-up room. It is directly accessible from the stage and close to the entrance.

Wardrobe room with private bath.

This versatile space is directly adjacent to the stage on the same level and has a private rest room. It can be configured as wardrobe and/or makeup.

Stage layout (PDF)



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